Congratulations on your decision to participate in our Humanitarian Debt Relief Program. This Debt Relief Program is designed to allow you the web surfer to generate a passive income, this would be your HUMPBOX, your second income generating website.

Here are some of the main points in the Terms of Use that will assist you in a quick start to begin your Debt Relief Process.

Check the list of foreign countries that do not allow us to send cash. Located on Hump-box.com and in the Terms of Use.

Humpbox.net will not be held liable for scams, mail fraud or schemes cooked up by any one that is using our services, if Humpbox is made aware of a scam, mail fraud or a scheme, that person will be banned and/or blocked.

Have fun while reducing your debt and helping reduce the debt of others like you.

A passive income is money you receive while earning a living doing something else, while driving to and from work in rush hour traffic, while dining out, while running errands on your days off work, while doing anything else.

This is not a get rich quick and get out type of process, this is a process that will take time to untangle the web of dept so many of us have gotten ourselves into.

The first step is to acquire a P.O. Box if you do not have one. Post in the P.O. Box Posts section for the type of help you need if that subcategory is not their then post under MISCILLENIOUS if enough of the same type of posts appear we will create a new subcategory for it.

The second step is to set up a E-MAIL ACCOUNT specifically for your P.O. Box that you use on Hump-box.com Humpbox.net. Incorporated is the ability to generate a E-MAIL each time you send a dollar through your Hump Post this will also allow the recipient to thank you.

This is also a way of tracking or tracing what we send we will be able to note which Addresses are not receiving what has been sent we can alert one another about the problem. Action can be initiated to make that box address workable again.

The website will strive to evolve and grow along with our users.

The following is very important you must adhere to this very important part of the programs process.

If there are any confirmed reports that any Humper has caused damage to the machines that process mail you will be blocked from using Humpbox.net immediately.

Any person assisting a blocked person in acquiring the use of Humpbox.net will be blocked.

For example CC or CMJ or 38JVS P.O. Box 56777 Huntsville MT, 46829

Mail service available for the homeless:

A homeless person's application for Post Office Box service may be approved under any one of the following conditions:

We can and we should help each other get out of our financial hardships, we do not need to exchange personal information that could lead to Fraud or Identity Theft. It is important that we keep records organize those records in a way to prevent yourselves from sending a dollar bill to the same person twice. We suggest that you copy and paste the Post Office Box addresses into a word document.

You may also want to keep a record of the Post Office Box that has sent you a one dollar bill you may decide to send that person a one dollar bill if you recognize their Post Office Box address in one of the categories.

We are Americans united to help end our own financial debt and the financial debt of people just like ourselves.

Report opened and rummaged through letters, missing letters and/or rifled parcels on PS Form 673, which should be available at your local Post Office.